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Post-sale service

Do our utmost for clients to integrate the best resources, improve equipment quality, with high quality service to enhance the competitiveness for customers.
On 1 day warranty after sale, maintenance period is one year, and will provide technical support. The warranty period, the equipment for non-human causes of failure, we will be responsible for the maintenance free.
2 the warranty period, in case of natural disasters and non human resistance factors, intentionally, improper operation and easy wear parts, not under warranty;
3 after the warranty period, our company provide life-long service, and promises to provide lifetime parts support, but also for related costs, according to customer needs can be signed renewal of contract, to extend the warranty period.
The seller is not responsible for warranty for related equipment in the following situations, but should provide paid service in a timely manner.
1, because of the disaster, damage or the buyer due to improper omissions and resulting from the use of repair or replacement caused by normal wear and tear parts
In 2, the buyer fails to inform the seller, the Seller agrees to get the case, to change, modify the related equipment and parts
We provide service 24 hours a day, 8 hours in Suzhou area, around 150 km within 12 hours, in 24 hours (8 hours in Chongqing area), 48 hours of other foreign field maintenance.
Customer service phone:0512-66539546-8003 (86)13218618311

East China area
Customer service phone:0512-66566132
Mobile phone:13218618311
The southwest area
Customer service phone:023-85296600
Mobile phone:13584855215
Southern China area
Customer service phone:020-32206830
Mobile phone:18028599745


Testing instrument

The company also has a coating equipment professional, professional testing of clean grade, temperature and humidity, wind speed, UV energy, temperature curve



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