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Sustainable development
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Staff development
  We are in the era of new economy vary from minute to minute, we only give a complete staff training system, can improve the ability and quality of employee ceaselessly, realize the development of personal value and individual career growth and enterprises, become the common progress of the talent. Mutual friends industry has been working hard to build a conducive to staff development and training system.

On-the-job training
  Insufficient to supplement knowledge and skills in working position, timely charge.

Domestic and foreign research
  Provide the backbone personnel abroad for study, study the domestic and foreign advanced technology and management.

Occupation career planning
  Staff to provide technical, business development, management of three channel occupation career planning. Employees can take the results of its good performance, the correct behavior and excellent in its occupation in the process of growth. Occupation development not employees are defined in the current position, ability of diversity and extensive experience will be highly valued by the. Employees can be in mutual friends found within enough chances to help them grow. You will have ample space and autonomy, through a commitment to create a better world to realize personal value.

Venture capital fund
  To motivate the employees enthusiasm of innovation, to create a culture of innovation, the company intends to invest to establish internal venture capital fund. Support and hatching and the value of VC project team, the exercise ability of staff can be generated through the market and the technology demonstration projects and market opportunities, innovation driven strategy.

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